So I became a droid owner over the holidays…just before they announce the google phone, alas. But you gotta go with Verizon in Blacksburg, so it will be a long wait for this google device.

Side effect: I’m now part of the google cloud–calendar, contacts, docs are all with google for seamlessness. So do I have to sit around and moon over their every product release (google phone?) and corporate decision (google.cn!) hoping they don’t go under as a company? I’ll feel like a Mac user!

  1. Greg Wilson
    January 14, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Welcome to the blog world! As a Mac and iPhone user, I can relate to the comment about being nervous about what that one company does. I think if you’re going to be so reliant on one company, you might as well own some stock in the company as well so you can hopefully profit when (if) the company continues to perform well. If I actually had money I would probably buy some Apple stock especially since they are “suppose” to announce a tablet soon.

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