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Remixing REU students

OK, so it looks like the common book for the REU students this summer will be HCI Remixed: Reflections on Works That Have Influenced the HCI Community

It’s a collection of short essays by HCI researchers reflecting back on some of the more influential papers from the HCI field. All of the papers are at least 10 years old, so the essay authors had the opportunity to reflect not only on the content but also on the impact. I’m hoping to get some of the essay authors to talk…volunteers?

  1. July 28, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Revisiting this decision post-program, this book worked reasonably well for undergrads–the essays were generally very accessible even though some of the original papers were too heavyweight. Clearly there were students who just weren’t going to do the reading, but there were enough who did that we had some good questions/conversations. And since this wasn’t a class per se (just a 6-time hour-long reading group) we were able to pick and choose the stories/papers/videos that the students could connect with rather than attempt to cover the whole book.

    Readings that worked well for us:
    -Wendy Ju’s examination of Englebart’s NLS system–students knew what a “mouse” was, and they were able to appreciate the many developments that occurred at that time.
    – Brian Smith’s look at Hollan’s videoconferencing work resonated with many students, particularly as it was well-grounded in Smith’s personal experiences.

    It was great to have one chapter author, Steve Harrison, present an undergrad-tailored look at “Hole in Space”. And it worked well to have Woodrow Winchester and Bobby Beaton present papers that were particularly meaningful for them.

    Alas, David McDonald (the book editor) was unable to come down from DC, but he did give a lot of useful advice about incorporating the book into classes and reading groups and such. I’m considering ways to do more of that in the future (models, theories, and frameworks of HCI? or an intro course/seminar? or an undergrad capstone course?).

    We’ll have some hard numbers and student comments about the experience soon, when our evaluator processes the surveys.

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