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CHI 2011 Keynote: Howard Rheingold

Howard says a teacher should be a co-learner…I am all for that, as I have taught plenty of classes where I’ve learned as much as any student.  But I think that in there are plenty of situations when a more learned professor (a co-learner) should spend most of the time in front of a room of learner.  And I’m betting Howard would agree, given that he just spent most of an hour talking to us, leaving time for two brief questions.

He also uses the analogy that a surgeon or warrior from 1000 years ago wouldn’t recognize their workplace of today, but a teacher would know where to stand and basically what to do.  But there are lots of activities where a practitioner would know basically what to do: parenting, theater, and many games.  The tools change, but often the activities stay basically the same.

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