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CHI 2011: UX SIG

An interesting panel on the role of theory in UX. There was a provacative intro question: are we Babylonians (highly grounded in empirical methods) or Ionians (rooted in innovative theories)?  There was a movement toward unification, or perhaps categorization.  (Though the SIG leaders denied it.)

Some good breakouts too.  The memes vs claims debate came up.  Lots on putting theories in their place.  It was interesting that people’s favorite theories (or non-theories) fell pretty evenly into the leaders’ five categories: product-centerd, user-centered, intersaction-centered, other, missing/need, no need.
And one SIG leader brought up that the Babylonians couldn’t predict the locust infestations.  But it wasn’t brought up that most Ionians and the like didn’t either in a reliable way…

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