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CHI 2011: Stu Card Festschrift

A great collection of important people came together to “festschrift” Stu Card.  They all had lots to say; these are a few that I wanted to remember.

Ed Chi: treat co-workers like family, and connect co-workers with history

Pete Pirolli: touched on key theories, including: Biological (millisecs to secs), Psychological (secs), Rational (mins to hours), Social (hours to days/weeks)

Bonnie John: Stu supportive of having kids (then served as a role model for how to exploit your kids in experiments, videos and how to make girls do everything boys do)

Judy Olson: watch Stu Card (he works on hard problems for a while then moves on)

Dan Russell: shift from artificial intelligence to human intelligence

Austin Henderson: theories don’t result in good design but they aid the design process

Ben Shneiderman: seek great colleagues like Stu, do things with them to help inspire you

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