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CHI 2011: Clayton Lewis Social Impact Award

What a well-deserved honor–Clayton Lewis received the CHI  Social Impact Award.  I’m honored and humbled to be able to work with him in this upcoming year.

Clayton started his talk with a look at his work on representation of knowledge–which allows us to switch out one for another (e.g., switch a text output for an audio output).  A great tool for switching representations for people while keeping representations of knowledge.

How do you translate English into easy-to-understand English?  Some companies do it for you, like Amazon’s full version (tons of links) and their mobile version (very few).  So quite simply, one could have your desktop computer display a mobile version of a page or site.  But really what we need is a “Google Translate” to translate from English to a simpler English.  Or maybe we need a representation form that captures what’s most important and always communicates it front-and-center for all users.

Alan Newell also received the award: he has an InterCHI 1991 paper that brings up a comparison between abled people in extraordinary situations with people with disabilities performing everyday tasks.  He points out that many devices (e.g., typewriter, tape recorder, texting) all first were designed for people with disabilities.  Bottom line: design ab initio for older people.

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