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Tim Tebow, Steve Jobs, and the Lord Almighty

Tim Tebow thanks his god after every football game. Tebow plays the most difficult position in the game—quarterback—and he’s not particularly good at it. But he won a lot of games this season, enough to get his team (my local-for-the-year Denver Broncos) into the playoffs and victorious in the first round—before the Broncos got stomped.

Many people seem really mad at Tebow regarding his open faith. But lots of athletes thank their mothers…do we take that as an affront to the mothering of our own mothers, almost all of whom didn’t raise children who won major sports championships? And what about those interviews with the local person who just turned 100, or the latest “oldest person in the world”—do we begrudge those people’s enthusiasm that they lived so long because, e.g., they eat a green bean and ‘mater sandwich with mayo every day, or because they smoke a cigar every Sunday night, or because they wake up every morning at 5am. And what about the recently deceased Steve Jobs? In reading his Walter Isaacson bio he was an asshole: he denied fathering his daughter for many years, he cheated his friends, and he was pushed out of the company he founded. Yet his bio spent many weeks at the top of the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. Hopefully most of us will realize that you don’t have to be a Jobs-level jerk to lead a successful company, and we can pick and choose the elements of his life (and Clinton’s, and Giuliani’s, and Tebow’s) that seem important and relevant to us.

When reporters give Tebow a platform to speak, he can attribute his success to whatever factors he wants. Of course there will be people are wrong, or who take it to a ridiculous level. It’s up to us as careful readers and intelligent beings to decide whether these people are successful because of certain aspects of their lives, or despite them, or just concurrently with them.

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